Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A food blog

Amy: I've wanted a food blog since blogging first became fashionable. I have a travel blog that I update when I go on an extended trip somewhere and at one point I tried to have a sort of general blog about my life. But since my life really isn't that interesting, and I sort of HATE narcissistic blogging, I never really kept it up. I also really like snarky, funny blogs, but frankly, I'm not that good of a writer (though I can be pretty funny in person).

But food blogs.... I love reading them. I love restaurant gossip and new recipes. I love to read about soaring successes and abysmal failures. Also I really, really love food. So, like every other foodie, faux foodie, or foodie wannabe, I'm starting a blog. It's going to be about the stuff I cook and how well it works and the food I eat when I am out at restaurants. Because, I am not very good at taking photographs of food, this blog will probably not be very image-heavy. (In addition to narcissistic blogging, I also sort of HATE bad food photography.)

I'm hoping this blog will involve two voices: mine and that of my husband, Brad. Brad is the primary sampler, cheerleader, and critic of my culinary travails. He also dilligently cleans up after my exploits.

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